Reach M+ sudden disconnection while driving

Dear community,

I purchased a Reach M+ few months ago and integrated it with Pixhawk 1 to navigate a rover along a grid of waypoints. The electronic connection is shown in the image below:

Apart from Reach M+, I also used another GPS+compass component since an external compass is required and there is no integrated compass in Reach M+.

I used the NTRIP configuration for RTK navigation. The laptop with Internet connection receives the correction signal from NTRIP station via Mission Planner, and then transmit the correction signal to Reach M+ through RFD900 telemetry units.

At the beginning of driving, the RTK connection can be achieved. But after driving along a few waypoints, the GPS signal from Reach M+ was suddenly lost (three indication lights were still solid) and only the GPS+Compass unit was still functioning. When the signal from Reach M+ is lost, RTK status also disappeared on Mission Planner.

This is the link of the dataflash files for Mission Planner:

By reading the dataflash file, I noticed the second GPS statues(Reach M+) suddenly drops while the vehicle was driving.

Can anyone help with solving this issue ?

Best regards,

Hi Mirko,

May I ask you to share raw data logs from your Reach M+ device?

Hi Tatiana,

I have uploaded the data logs and full system report here:

Thank you so much for your help. I really suspect it’s a hardware problem.
Sometimes the Reach M+ cannot even start properly when I plug it with power (only orange light appear). This happens occasionally and will be fixed after refreshing the firmware, but still cannot solve this problem permanently.

Hi Mirko,

This is just an indication that there’s a lack of power for Reach. I’d recommend powering Reach from a power bank to see if the issue persists.

It’s very likely that Reach disconnects because of the reboot caused by the incorrect power supply.

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