Reach M+ RTK accurate height in hover

I’m wondering if anyone else is using the Reach M to get accurate drone heights during hover. I’ve had a number of requests for Panorama’s for planning etc and the height of the drone is very important. I have a Snap PPK mount and considering using the Reach M and getting the height off of that rather than rely on the drone height which is way off. They are looking for 0.1m accuracy for this.

Anyone else doing this ?

What drone are you using? From what I have seen with mine with the P4P you can’t see the live data unless you are in Reachview. If you could get RTK with a base then you could look at the elevation on the ground and going up, but I don’t know how high you could go before the WiFi connection is lost. I use DroneDeploy and/or Litchi for my Panos. DroneDeploy allows you to set the altitude in feet and Litchi allows you to see it real time so they still only get me within 0.5m.

Its a P4P as well, been using Litchi for the Pano’s but the altitude reported in Litchi was way off. It was over a specific point and the client used a laser disto to hit the bottom of the drone, it was almost 2m in the difference from what Litchi was reporting. I have an RS as a base, and it will probably never be too far away. Is there a way to get the altitude from the M, other than Wifi on a laptop for example through LoRa for situations where is is beyond Wifi from M.

If you are using a mobile device you should be able to use the Reachview app while using LoRa corrections to connect to the M+ while on the ground, note the altitude and then again once you think you are close to fine tune. Then switch to Litchi and shoot. Keep in mind that if you are hitting the bottom of the drone then there is probably almost a foot in error to the top of the antenna.

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On my Mikrokopter based drones you can feed the flightcontroller an NMEA stream in place of the built-in gps.
Then the altitude can be read off the telemetry.

That’s one way to do it.

O/T: Just a wild guess, but is this for showing the view from a particular suite in a building that has not been built yet? So clients can choose their suite based on which ‘view’ they like better?

That’s what ours was for. 5th-story view (doesn’t look good to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), but you would think being within 3ft would be plenty good… Seems to line up with the 5th story of the other building.

RBJ Redevelopment NW 50ft Pano


Yeah that’s exactly what it’s for, different views from different floor levels

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Yeah I can’t say it was a much different view between floors 4 and 5, 3m difference really isn’t much

just use a 100’ or so “SELFIE STICK”? ha ha!



I can just see you turning like a top taking pictures! Put a plate on top while you’re at it and we’ll see some skill.

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