Reach M+ ROS Integration?

(Sean K) #1


Would anyone know of a ROS package which would work with the Reach M+ device? If anyone can offer advice on how to actually implement this it would be greatly appreciated! Also, can this be done over the USB port or would I need to use a serial port instead?


(Andrew Yushkevich) #3

Can I ask you to tell more about your project, please?
Also, some technical details would be useful.

(Sean K) #4

Hi Andrew,

I am using an Nvidia TX2 computer with a Reach M+ module.
The TX2 runs a version of Ubuntu 16.04 and on that it is running ROS Kinetic for recording of data.
On-board this UAV, there is also a Ouster OS-1-16 LiDAR with inbuilt IMU and a trio of cameras which I wish to synchronize with the Reach M+. The Ouster LiDAR can be synchronized using PTP protocol or it also has a sync pin, as does the set of cameras.

I also have a Reach RS+ base station for sending corrections over LoRa to the Reach M+ (connected directly to the M+ module).

What I would like to do is publish the Reach M+ position as a rostopic along with my other data streams and find a way to synchronize the timing of my other sensors with the M+.

I am not sure how best to connect the Reach M+ to the TX2 computer. Can I do so using a simple USB cable, or would I need to connect it up to a UART or otherwise to get the data stream?
Is there a ROS package available for working with the Emlid Reach devices?

Is that enough detail? Any help would be very much appreciated.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #5

You can use Position output on Reach in one of the following ways to get a position in real-time.

Unfortunately, there’s no ROS package available for Reach.

Do you want to do it by using the time mark pin of M+?

(Manuel Ufheil) #7

I use this package it works fine with Reach M+

(Sean K) #8

Thanks for that. I’ll give that one a try!