Reach M+ ROS Integration?


Would anyone know of a ROS package which would work with the Reach M+ device? If anyone can offer advice on how to actually implement this it would be greatly appreciated! Also, can this be done over the USB port or would I need to use a serial port instead?


Can I ask you to tell more about your project, please?
Also, some technical details would be useful.

Hi Andrew,

I am using an Nvidia TX2 computer with a Reach M+ module.
The TX2 runs a version of Ubuntu 16.04 and on that it is running ROS Kinetic for recording of data.
On-board this UAV, there is also a Ouster OS-1-16 LiDAR with inbuilt IMU and a trio of cameras which I wish to synchronize with the Reach M+. The Ouster LiDAR can be synchronized using PTP protocol or it also has a sync pin, as does the set of cameras.

I also have a Reach RS+ base station for sending corrections over LoRa to the Reach M+ (connected directly to the M+ module).

What I would like to do is publish the Reach M+ position as a rostopic along with my other data streams and find a way to synchronize the timing of my other sensors with the M+.

I am not sure how best to connect the Reach M+ to the TX2 computer. Can I do so using a simple USB cable, or would I need to connect it up to a UART or otherwise to get the data stream?
Is there a ROS package available for working with the Emlid Reach devices?

Is that enough detail? Any help would be very much appreciated.

You can use Position output on Reach in one of the following ways to get a position in real-time.

Unfortunately, there’s no ROS package available for Reach.

Do you want to do it by using the time mark pin of M+?

I use this package it works fine with Reach M+

Thanks for that. I’ll give that one a try!

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