Reach M+ / Reach RS+ / Phantom4 Pro V2

Hi all,
I already own the Reach RS+ receiver and looking to pair it with the Reach M+ module for UAV mapping.

Any advice before I purchase?

I operate Phantom4 Pro V2 drone/s and appreciate there is an added 3rd party module needed for the shutter sync, but that aside, any advice welcomed.

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That’s all you need. The Metta Technologies kit is very popular right now. You’re planning on PPK right? There’s no way to RTK geotag with a P4P.

Hi Michael, Thanks so much for this. Yes, PPK. I have already ordered the Metta kit, should be here next week. Will I be fine using the M+ in conjunction with my RS+ base? or is there any benefit using the M2 do you know? Also, is there strong evidence that we can get away with fewer GCPs using PPK? or is that just a myth :slight_smile: Thanks, Tony.

There’s no advantage to using an M2 over and M+ with an RS+ as a base but think about spending the extra $140 now in anticipation of eventually getting an RS2 or whatever’s next. :wink:

Can I also ask… Are most people use Nadir or Oblique for their drone surveys?

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I hear you :slight_smile:

Hi Tony,

It depends on the result you want to obtain. For example, if you need a flat map as a result, then it’s better to fly in nadir. But if you require a point cloud or 3D-model, then make oblique images because they will contain more details. Oblique images are widely used in architecture to measure building’s parameters. Or even in agriculture, to monitor plants height and leaf area index.

Regarding your initial questions, I fully agree with Michael :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nadir for terrain and obliques with Nadir for nice structural models. If you want to get really detailed on your structural models, you will want to do some manual up close shots of any of the details that the main flight couldn’t really capture.


Thanks once again Michael. Really useful advice. In this scenario, I am looking to create accurate DTM and DSMs for my client. GPS and elevation accurate so they can do stockpile calcs and the like.

Another question …:slight_smile: Do you guys allow and adjust for the difference in distance between the Mettatec/ emlid aerial location and the camera location If working with the P4P? I also see on the Emlid website that they suggest using ‘hover and take photo’ method for greatest accuracy. Whilst I understand this, surveying a large site using cross hatch oblique photos would take forever.

Once again, thanks in advance for all your help.

Cheers, Tony.

I think it really depends on how good you want the DSM to look vertically, sides of building faces or other things like heavy equipment. Equipment. In our world the DSM is not used except for a quick glance in the 3D model. Everything that goes outside of the drone deploy system is DTM so we just do Nadir. When we have a building. We go all out but we primarily do Civil work so we only build 5-6 buildings a year.

When you are doing your PPK you can put in offsets. Measurements from the center of the sensor. With the camera guard still on the drone measure from the round part where the camera hinges to pitch up and down up 2/3rds of the antenna which is where the phase center is.

Stop and go is only really necessary when you have insufficient light and an electronic shutter. If you have good light, it’s not necessary nor is it with the mechanical shutter of the P4P.

Thanks Michael. I really appreciate your advice on this. Funny enough, you were mentioned directly by Tim from DroneMapping Tools as I watched one of his videos last night on youtube :slight_smile: Our primary purpose for the surveys are landfill sites. Our client have their own survey expert and they are interested in what we can offer. Essentially, we would fly the site (or part of it) and give them a DWG file or similar that they input into their civils software to extrapolate the contours and GPS records. Hopefully the start of an ongoing contract. All the very best from here in the UK. Tony

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For sure, keep us updated!

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