Reach M+ Raw Logging Error

Test 1 Underway:

Something I notice in settings page under logging settings. What do these do and what is “Full memory behaviour”? Should be set to stop logging instead?

Test 1 After Turning Log Off:

Test 1 After Unplugging From Power And Restarting Device:


Test 2 Underway:

After turned off logging:

Rebooted after powering down:


Test 3 Underway:

Prior to turning off:

After rebooting:


Test 4 Underway:

After powering off and rebooting:


That’s a lot to read through, but just wanted to throw out something that may or may not help.

I"ve got webcams t ht at use microsd cards. These tiny little memory cards have a limited use. Basically a limit of read / writes before they become corrupt.

When they do here is what i notice. I.e. a 16GB microsd card. The webcam continuously writes a video file every 5 min for 24 hours a day until it fills up, then overwrites the oldest video file in a loop. Usually the microsd card only lasts a year or 2 before it becomes corrupt and cannot write anymore. That’s quite a bit of read/writes. So when it becomes corrupt, it will not be able to store any more data, so instead of the full 16GB available, it may only show as 2GB or something. At least you can retrieve the files in the 2GB area, but not the rest, nor FORMAT it. It’s basically toast.

I think u can send them off to be surgically repaired though.

Maybe this is what is happening with the storage in your receiver? Reached it’s limit of rewrites? Just a idea.

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Thanks for this. It does appear to be corrupting in the past, however, insofar of these tests I have not been able to recreate the issue. Brand spanking new unit to so read/writes have been few so far.

Maybe its the peace pipe but I swear I’ve seen a log saved in its entirety and a few days later I go back in to pull and the data size is less than day before!

The testing continues…

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Hi @RTK_Hunter,

Thanks a lot for conducting these tests!

I’ll write back to you once we’ll have any updates on this.

Time has been limited but I cannot recreate the issue. I will make sure to “properly” shut the device down by stopping logging and powering off the device from the app. This is all i can come up with for now.

Hi @RTK_Hunter,

Unfortunately, we haven’t succeeded in reproducing this issue as well. We’re still trying to figure out what may provoke such behavior.

Could you please advise whether the issue appears only on this unit? As far as I remember, you have got 2 Reach M+.

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Yes, just this unit. The other has been solid.

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