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Reach M+ power problem with pixhawk

(Verloop Ton) #1

I am a new user and I connected the reach M+ to the pixhawk and was unable to power up. I noticed there was a similar problem reported in August 2018 where someone also suggested a solution.

The topic was closed by Emlid, however, the documentation has not been updated, so I guess many people like me are still struggling with this problem.

It would be nice to have the documentation being updated to avoid frustrations like I had. For this issue, it should be necessary to look into the blogs to find a fix.

Elid Reach is not a “low cost” solution and it should be working right out of the box, following the steps as per documentation.

Thank you.

(Dmitriy Ershov) #2


Thanks for your report! We’ll revise the docs and will add all necessary information.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #4

Hi @verloop.ton,

We’ve just added a note about Reach M+ separate power supply to our docs.
You can check it here.

Thank you!