Reach M+ position output through LoRA

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I would like to receive the position of the rover (on drone) on the ground.

The idea is to setup a reach RS + as a base and a reach M+ as a rover. Both are connected with LoRA radio for correction. On Reachview (2.15.5), in the correction input, I see that we can send NME GGA messages to the correction provider.
Can we get this messages on the base station (reach RS+) ?
Or can we configure the LoRA radio on the rover to receive the correction and enable the position ouput through LoRA in same time ?

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Emlid staff mentioned elsewhere here on the forum (maybe it was in the LoRa M+ thread) that the link could only be used for transmitting correction from base to rover, nothing else.

Could have been quite nice though!

Edit: here it was: Introducing LoRa Radio for Reach M+

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Hi @Emilien_Aldana_Jague,

Reach LoRa can only be used to send corrections from base to rover.

I’d recommend to use one of the M+ position output methods (Serial, TCP, Bluetooth).

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