Reach M+ | Pixhawk 4 | I2C connection not powering up

I am trying to connect my Reach M+ to Pixhawk 4 via the I2C as proposed in Reach GNSS and Pixhawk 4 connection - #10
However, when I connect it to the I2C no lights on the Reach M+ are activated, not even the red which would indicate that the power supply is not enough.
I have tested the M+ with USB and it is working. I have tested the voltage in the I2C and it is 5V. Any ideas? @tatiana.andreeva ?

UPDATE: It seems that the wiring between the Reach M+ and the UART&I2C of the pixhawk 4 are different. Anyone facing similar issues please have a look at

However, even after powering the Reach M+ the only LED that lights up is orange. From what I understand there is not enough power for the M+ to boot, so I will have to externally power it up, probably I will use a BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit).

UPDATE: there was an issue with the wiring. The pin out from the reach m+ and the UART & I2C are different. Highly recommend anyone with similar issues to check the followings

Once I changed to correct wiring, I managed to get the reach m+ powered up. But I only see the orange LED light up. Probably the UART & I2C does not provide enough power (current required is ~100mA). It seems that I will have to externally power the m+ by using a BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit).

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Hmm, that’s unusual that powering from Pixhawk is not enough. Perhaps, the cables are weak. And yep, I believe that using an external power source is a reliable workaround. But please make sure that you don’t power the module from 2 supplies at one time.

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