Reach M+ NTRIP not working

[edited 4.7.2020 as I managed to get connection to NTRIP caster - but still no success to get GPS corrections]

Please help me getting NTRIP corrections!

My setup:
Emlid Reach M+ on top of table, tallysman GPS antenna, connected to PC USB-port for power. Nothing else, this is a test setup. Newest stable versions of software.

Trying to connect public Finnish DGNSS service (mountpoint DGNSS_VERKKO3 (network, The service uses the error modeling of the whole FinnRef network and sends corrections individualized to the user location (RTCM 3.2)).

Connection to server is okay, for example “Connected to”.

On status page, there is not and will no be nothing but 0 in AR validation ratio and solution status stays Single.

Here is Simple system report.

Simple system report
app version: 2.22.5-r0
'wifi_status, interface: wlan0':
- wifi_mode: infrastructure
- ip:
  is_added: true
  is_connected: true
  is_visible: false
  mac_address: ******
  security: wpa-psk
  ssid: ****
  uuid: ***
base mode:
  base coordinates:
    accumulation: '2'
    antenna offset:
      east: '0'
      north: '0'
      up: '0'
    - 0
    - 0
    - 0
    format: llh
    mode: single-and-hold
    enabled: false
    format: rtcm3
    path: tcpsvr://:9000#rtcm3
    type: tcpsvr
  rtcm3 messages:
      enabled: true
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: true
      frequency: '0.1'
      enabled: true
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: false
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: false
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: false
      frequency: '1'
      enabled: false
      frequency: '1'
  discoverable: false
  enabled: false
  pin: '***'
  duty cycle: 20
  enable: false
  period: 2
  polarity: false
    - - 863000
      - 870000
correction input:
    enabled: true
    format: rtcm3
    path: avoin:***@
    send position to base: single
    type: ntripcli
    enabled: false
    format: RTCM3
    io_type: tcpsvr
    path: :9028
device: null
    format: RTCM3
    started: true
    format: RTCM3
    started: true
  debug: false
  interval: 24
  overwrite: true
    format: UBX
    started: true
    format: LLH
    started: true
  air rate: 2.6000000000000001
  frequency: 868000
  mode: read
  output power: 20
position output:
    enabled: true
    format: erb
    path: ttyMFD2:38400:8:n:1:off
    type: serial
    enabled: false
    format: llh
    path: :9001
    type: tcpsvr
rtk settings:
  elevation mask angle: 15
  glonass ar mode: 'on'
  gps ar mode: fix-and-hold
  max horizontal acceleration: 1
  max vertical acceleration: 1
  positioning mode: kinematic
  positioning systems:
    compass: false
    galileo: false
    glonass: true
    gps: true
    qzss: false
    sbas: false
  snr mask: 35
  update rate: 1

Hi @tomppavaan,

Would you mind sharing the screenshot of the Correction Input tab? There, please, press on the grey tick near the connection confirmation. This will help us check what RTCM3 messages are coming to the receiver. I’ll attach the screenshot so that’s more clear.

It’d also be great if you could share the base correction log from the test so that we could check if the rover receives anything from the remote base.

Could you please specify how you provide the unit with the Internet?

Hello Polina and thanks for reply.

I sent the same question to your customer service and Ms. Nikolenko answered me, promising to get steps forward with my case. I provided full system report and all log-files in email so please have a discussion with her.

Internet connection is provided via wireless 4G mobile router (which shall be laid onboard the AGV with other hardware later on).

Hi @tomppavaan,

Thanks for pointing it out! Svetlana will be in touch with you once there’s an update about your issue.

Hello Polina,

I haven’t heard anything from Svetlana since the initial message. As my MSc thesis relies solely on getting this Reach M+ working with NTRIP corrections, I urgently need help from Emlid team. I ask you to politely get connected and give guidance - or at least some interim information about what is going on with the process.

Thank you.

Hi Tom,

I’ve just replied to your email.

It seems that this NTRIP caster doesn’t provide enough data for calculating the RTK solution on Reach. Is there any chance you can try another caster/mount point?

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