Reach M+ integration with GPR via bluetooth

We are planning to integrate the M+ with our GPR system as a GPS receiver doing RTK. Im having issue with bluetooth. It connects normally with the windows tablet. But when we try to open the software we use and connect. Connect Failed prompting. it shows COM18 on the software.

Any help or suggestion please?


Hi @michael.aero360,

Do you have an opportunity to try another device?
It’ll help with understanding if there is an issue in Windows tablet.

Yes we tried it with reach rs and was able to connect with the tablet and gpr software via bluetooth. Btw we have RS and M+. We need the M+ on the GPR.


Can you clarify if you have RS or RS+?
What ReachView version do you have on both device?

What software do you use?
What Windows OS version do you have on your tablet?

Can you connect Reach to tablet via USB?
Does it work?

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