Reach M+ hotshoe signal split


I’m looking for a possibility to split the hotshoe signal from Reach M+ to our on-board Linux computer (it is able to read signal from camera flash as well).
I would like to use Reach M+ as PPK solution, but at the same time, I need feedback from the camera to the on-board computer, to make sure that the photo was taken and our system is working correctly. Thus I have the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to correctly record camera trigger events via Reach M+ if the trigger signal itself produced by our system (e.g. Sony A7R camera by USB plug)?
  2. Is it possible to split the camera flash trigger signal from hotshoe and Reach M+ to our system? We need this feedback for our system to work correctly. It could be done on a hardware level or programmatically if there is interface available on Emild side for it.
  3. Is it possible to collect recorded data from Reach M+ while it’s still logging? Meaning, I would like to download data from the Reach M+ to our on-board computer through USB or UART before the system (UAV) is shut down.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Postal,

Yes, Reach M+ can record events. You just need to integrate it with a camera using the hot-shoe adapter.

May I ask you to clarify whether you want to get the signal from camera hot-shoe on Reach M+ and your system simultaneously?

To download raw data log you need to stop its recording.
It’s possible to output only position data from Reach M+ in real-time.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva and thank you for the your reply. We just got today our RS+ kit!

As for our questions:

Exactly. Our system depends on real-time information from the hot-shoe, so maybe you can advise some easy to way to get it from either Reach M+ API or its hardware GPIO, if it’s possible?

Is this possible to do programmatically through an API, from our onboard computer connected to the USB or UART port? Sending signals (SIGINT, KILL) to your logger problem maybe?

The documentation says there is a user reach on the Reach M+, but only a user root exists on the Reach system that we have purchased. It also does not have the file structure described here. Right now only a user root exists with folders logs and surveying on the home folder. That’s the folder tree that we have on our Reach M+ module:

└── root
       ├── logs
       └── surveying

We are interested in integrating your product in our existing system, so we want to have seamless integration for our users. Therefore it is important that our system is able to control your product logging and also get the logs from it, with no extra actions needed by the user.

Hi @Postal,

You can output the signal from a camera hot shoe to Reach M+ and to your system.
However, note, that there should be high impedance and low capacitance on a circuit which you want to connect to the hot shoe signal (like GPIO which’s configured as input).

There is no such functionality.

Please note that we don’t recommend changing anything on Reach M+ over ssh or running any external software on it as we can’t be responsible for issues you might face and hardly can provide support in this case.
The link you shared contains outdated information, we don’t have such a page in our docs for now.

@tatiana.andreeva Thank you for your replies!

It would be really nice if you can make any kind of API, or at least make public the once you’re using. I see many requests at this forum for that. It will bring a lot of value to companies that would like to use your solution.


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