Reach M+ green led gone, cannot reach App, internal error?

Hi all,

after some field testing, i came back in office trying to download logs from my Reach M+ which was working ok since an hour ago.
Now, green led don’t show anymore, only red and blue (fixed).It shows it’s hotspot network which i can connect, i can get an ip address but i can’t connect to its page anymore (connection refused) nor the phone app can find it anymore.
Now i’m trying to reflash firmware following instructions on the site, hoping it brings back to life. I hope it’s not an hardware fault. If someone knows the issue and has solution, please advise.

Unit gets quite hot, it’s normal? I used a 5v BEC to power it, since it could now be powered properly from the pixhawk. Can this could lead to corrupt something?


Please attach the antenna and put it by the window so Reach can complete time sync

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Thanks dimitry,

in the meantime, i’ve reflashed and it’s came back to life. If it happens next time, i will follow your advice

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