Reach M+ getting very hot

It was being powered by the USB cable from a battery pack. I was going through the configuration before first use. After 10 minutes or so I touched the unit and it was very hot. I was able to hold my hand on it, but barely. The only other connection to the reach unit was the tallysman antenna.

Is this normal behaviour for a new unit? is my unit likely defective? what kind of tests can I do to find if my unit is normal?

Is it running cooler now that you completed the first time setup and the software update?

No. It is still getting very hot. I disconnect from power before it becomes too hot to touch.

Is this normal behaviour for a new unit? is my unit likely defective? what kind of tests can I do to find if my unit is normal?

Do you have the unit working in unfavourable conditions?
(in direct sunlight, high ambient temp, enclosed space, no ventilation, etc.)

I wouldn’t call them unfavourable. Inside, 21°C, office desk.

Well that sounds reasonable. I think we’ll have to wait for some other suggestions then…

Search for other posts about this.

Contact Emlid support about it.

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I doubt @wsurvey is mining crypto-currency with this M+, but that’s the only other thing I can think of that would create a lot of heat. :wink:

I have a thought. Looking at the case and the ports coming out it looks like the internals may be mounted high in the case (by ~0.5mm-1mm). I suppose if the top of the emlid chip were flush against the plastic case it would be difficult to shed heat. I may shave some plastic off the internal mounts and see if sitting lower int the case may allow some clearance for airflow.

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I think if do that, you’ll definitely void any sort of warranty if Emlid decided to help you if its defective etc.

There are posts about this with photos etc. If i recall correctly they contacted Emlid about it and it was dealt with in the background, so no idea of the resolution.

hello @igor.vereninov, @andrew.yushkevich, @tatiana.andreeva et al,

could I get an opinion on this matter from emlid please?


i think u have to actually email support and wait for an answer.

What’s the model of the battery pack you used?

hello Dmitriy,

it has gotten very hot using:

-18650 battery pack
-Power outlet USB supply
-PC USB 2.0 port

Hi WSurvey,

I think the original purpose for the M+ is mounting on a drone, where downwash from the propellors tends to cool the units. If being used in a passive environment, without good ventilation, maybe consider mounting it in a box with a computer fan to provide improved airflow…?

Just a thought…

Cheers, Al.

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Interesting. What’s the output voltage of this pack?

it is a 5V, 2200 mAh 18650 battery pack. It powered a previous Reach M+ without overheating it.

All the clearance in the Reach M+ housing is on the bottom. Almost no clearance on the chip side. I have removed the top cover and there is even some tiny indents where it looks like the silver emlid chip cover seems pressed against the black plastic housing. I would imagine this is not optimal for cooling. Is this possibly a problem?

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Do you have pictures of this?

No. Tiny marks, iphone would barely see it i suspect.

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Ok, in order to test the (lack of) ventilation hypothesis I removed the top cover, plugged into PC USB port and let it be. Here is the temperature trace from the logs on it’s way to what I suspect is a temperature related shutdown. 97° is the last recorded temperature:


It overheats when naked. Do I have a defective unit?

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