Reach M+ client wifi issue during setup


I am having an issue in the initial steps of setting up my new Reach M+.

So far, we have completed the following steps:

-Set up the unit as follows, with the receiver connected to laptop via USB for power supply as follows:

-Connected to emlid reach hotspot on laptop, then accessed Reachview app as shown:

-Added external wifi network using the Reachview app (tried this for multiple networks, including a WPA2 PSK network and a WPA2 Enterprise connection from the university). We arrive at this point:

-Reachview does not progress beyond this point. The LED status of the receiver changes to solid red/green with gradual blinking blue LED (client wifi mode) which suggests that it has connected to the wifi. However, even after changing the laptop to the client wifi, the above screen does not change. Refreshing the page does not fix the issue either. What can we do to progress past this point and update Reach?

Well, the IP address would change when you have Reach connected to a wifi so you need to find the new one.
If you have Fing app or the Reachview app on your phone you can use this and look up the address, the phone must be on the same network. Or use a desktop version of networkscanner.

Hope this helps


You need to find the IP address of the reach on the new network.
Either use the ReachView app on Android or iOS or use a pc base network sniffer (Nmap?)

Once you have the IP address it is easy.



As said above, your Reach got a new IP address after connecting to a network. You can use this guide to determine the Reach IP.

Thanks so much everyone, I have my reachview updated and I can move on now!


Great to hear that!