REACH M+ change Setting Ublox via U-center

Is that possible to chnage the Setting iof UBlox in Reach m+ ?
I need for example to enable in u-center GPGGA or GPGLL in NIMEA to have a stream like UBLOX MAX6

thank you

Hi @affar,

Here’s my answer in another thread :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you
is not possible to change the GPS_14Hz.cmd in RTKlib_config?

if yes how and where can I change it?

It’s possible to set GPS 14Hz in RTK settings tab in ReachView.

But where can I save the new gps14hz.cmd?

Hi @affar,

This repository contains the older version of ReachView that isn’t used now.

is than psossible to downgrade ReachView? If yes may be can I change the cmd to be compatible with my system.

Hi @affar,

No, it’s not possible.

Maybe my answer here will help:

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