Reach M+ can't go through time sync

I have the same issue on three out of 25 M+ devices. Hopefully the others will continue to work while waiting for the firmware update.

Why was my post split from the green LED topic? My devices have the green LED issue, not time sync.

Hi @Asbjoern,

It’d be extremely helpful if you could give us more details on your setup.

Usually, the green LED on Reach M+ blinks because it can’t pass the time sync. To go through the time sync, the unit needs to be either connected to the Internet or provided with good satellite visibility via the GNSS antenna.

Could you please clarify if your units are connected to the Internet or see enough satellites? This information is necessary for us to understand the possible causes of the issue you experience.

Hi @polina.buriak,

I’ve compared the LED status to this:
The orange and blue LEDs are solid, the green one is blinking faster than “Time sync”, but slower than “Point collection”. About twice every second.

It is connected to the Internet, indoors, so no satellites. I have tried it outdoors with a good view of the sky and an internet connection several times, no change.

Hi @Asbjoern,

Thanks for the report!

This status means that the unit is in the hotspot and not connected to the Wi-Fi network. In this status, the Reach receiver needs to be connected to the GNSS antenna and provided with a clear sky view.

Hi @polina.buriak, thanks for your answer.

I have given it a clear view of the sky with the GNSS antenna connected, no change. I can connect to it’s hotspot, but it doesn’t show up in the app.

Hi @Asbjoern,

May I ask you to try updating to the v2.22.6 latest stable release? It should resolve the issue with the blinking green LED on the devices.

To update, you need to connect the receiver to the Wi-Fi network with Internet access. To do so while the receiver is inaccessible in the hotspot, go to the Updater page. The Updater page can be reached on 5000 port. It means that while you’re connected to the unit’s hotspot you need to type to the address bar of your Internet browser the following:

There you can change to the Wi-Fi network with Internet access and update your receiver to the latest stable v2.22.6 release. Please keep us posted on whether this would solve the blinking LED issue.

@polina.buriak, thanks.

I updated 3x M+ to v2.22.6 now, I’ll leave them switched on for a week or two to see if they fail again.

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