Reach M+ camera hotshoe alternative

Hi guys,
I just received my Reach M+ UAV kit and I wonder if there’s a way to take the camera signal from the internal flash into a camera without a hot shoe (e.g. Sony a5100) so that i can connect an external shoe adapter, instead of buying a new camera with hotshoe. What type of signal or voltage should i read on the specific pin that takes the Reach M+ port from the Reach shoe adapter when camera triggers?.. Has anyone tried something like that?

Hi Luis Fernando,

Welcome to the community forum, and thanks for your patience!

We support the integration of Reach M+ with a camera via hot-shoe only. So we can’t recommend a ready solution to connect it with an external hot-shoe.

Still, you can try to create a custom cable for making timestamps. M+ pinout scheme would be helpful for you: use the C1 Time mark 1 (2) pin to save time marks and connect the GND pin of Reach to the GND camera pin.

Please note that we can’t guarantee that it’ll work the right way as we haven’t tested such a setup.

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