Reach M+ Buoy Deployment for Water Surface Level Monitoring

Curious about this application: deploying Reach M+ on a moored buoy with solar panel and battery pack to monitor water surface elevations in a remote reservoir, PPK correcting observations with nearby CORS stations. M+ would be in a protective case with vent for cooling with antenna on top of buoy. Could the M+ reliably collect a month’s worth of observations at a time? Would M+ be sufficient (CORS station is 11km away) or M2 better?



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Hi Scott! Welcome back to the Forum :slight_smile:

If you’re sure about water protection for an RTK module, it should work fine in the described workflow.

Reach M+ should be enough for PPK on an 11 km baseline.

Thank you Andrew. How much raw data, i.e. how long of a deployment, can the M+ hold at its lowest sampling rate?

Scott, with the lowest 30 seconds logging interval, Reach M+ has enough space for several months of continuous logging for sure.

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