Reach M+ and v2.22 issues

My test was about Reach M (i.e. Reach RTK). Very similar to [Tatiana’s second test] (Troubles with new 2.22.2 - #17). Reach RTK was placed on the roof of a car moving around the city. I used a separate mobile Wi-Fi to make corrections from an NTRIP station about 17 km away. After receiving a fixed solution I recorded the raw data in ubx format, basic RTCM with RINEX 3.00 and partly NMEA output, which I changed to LLH.
Comparing RTK and PPK results for this session, you can see the difference in the number of satellites. Hence the request to EMLID to find out the reason for this fault. (7.2 MB)
WARS0510.pos (277.0 KB)

Further, I explain that the starting point (initialization) I checked in the ‘Survey’
Base Point provides a stream of messages
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Hi Ryszard,

Thanks for reporting and sharing interesting data, we’ll look into the files.

More specific. This is a test made by Reach RTK formerly called Reach M :white_check_mark:

I set the elevation mask to 20 ° and get 99.8 % fixed!
I think it’s essential if we want to avoid the effects of multipath, especially if there are buildings all along the street.

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Thanks. This is my mistake. I did not do it and there were glass sound-absorbing walls along the street.

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