Reach M+ and Phantom 4 shutter timing. Anyone figured it out?


I have made my own rig to carry a reach M+, antenna and usb battery around in order to PPK my mission. I’m just extracting elevations and positions from the PPK track. Without being able to tap into the shutter signal, the horizontal position is obviously far looser than height. Has anyone managed to find a place to tap into in order to send the shutter signal into the reach M+ event time port?

I spent a little while in the phantom poking around trying to find a pin that carried the shutter signal to no avail.

The LED next to the SD port seems to go out when capturing a photo so I thought about soldering onto this, or the front LED, but blinking off seems to be the opposite of what is needed. Also wiring diagrams seem and pin assignments for the P4P seem to be hard to come by. Has anyone figured this out?


May I encourage a little search here in the forum :wink: then you find what you are looking for!

Hello Christian,

I have been searching for a while before I signed up, and I have seen the few solutions people have come up with. The commercial guys give no clues (understandable), and I didn’t want to have separate circuitry translating other events like LED blink sensing. I was just hoping that someone may have figured out the pin assignments for the ribbon, or the shutter circuit on the camera board. I don’t have the $$ to drop on buying the custom P4Ps on offer.

Hi @wsurvey,

DJI ecosystem is proprietary and you can’t easily integrate Reach M+ with DJI Phantom 4, as its camera doesn’t have a hot shoe.
But you can always stick to working with GCPs, which is simple and efficient for small areas – just like your DJI drone.

Despite we have some threads on our community forum from users connecting Reach devices with DJIs without hot-shoes. So, you can find useful info there.


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