Reach M+ and Phantom 4 pro

Hello all,

I have looked at the solution provided by Simon Allen on this board to use the Reach M+ and get RTK for the Phantom 4 pro. I also looked at the LOKI system which mounting system should work great for the reach M+.

I am wondering if there is a way to capture the electric signal that triggers the camera of the Phantom 4 pro? Has someone figured this out? That would eliminate the need of relying on the LED/arduino system that Simon has developed.


Unfortunately the P4 series is a sandboxed system so unless you have some good EE skills you are left with the LED. I really hope someone finds a way around this.

long found

I could not find any documentation on that website as to what was done for the setup. I was looking for the same info on the Inspire 2. There are companies charging crazy prices for a modified X4S cameras that will trigger the M+ events. I guess it will take a little longer before someone (or group) posts info on how that is done. I have to believe a P4P could be modified to get the precise trigger when the shutter opens. The camera is receiving a signal to actuate so you need to get the signal simltaneoously to trigger an event in the Reach M+. The question is how to do that without bricking your P4P.

I would think with good tutorials and guides, the majority of people, especially folks in this group, could perform the mods. Whether they are willing to take the DIY risk would be another question.

But with that said, if the light sensor process can be perfected and the accuracy level is good, I am going to be a happy camper with that method.

Thank you all. I will work with the LED light too then.

The Loki system pulls the timing from when the image is written to the sd card. Probably not a typical DIY solution.

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