REACH M+ and Parrot Sequoia


Did anyone successfully integrated the REACH M+ with a Parrot Sequoia in order to be flown with a DJI Matrice 100 of Phantom 4 PRO drone?


We’ve never tested Sequoia with M+ but I can assume that it should work.
However, I hope that more experienced Parrot users will share their thoughts in this thread.

I’ve found an article about similar integration, maybe it’ll clarify some points for you.

Thank you for the answer, but do you think it will be possible without tinkering with the inside of the drone?


For Phantom 4 PRO there’s no reliable way to integrate M+ right out of the box. So, you’ll need to do everything by yourself.
As for the Matrice, it should be not so complicated, I think.

Hi Andrew, do you have any more information on this?

@darellon, if I understand right, Matrice 100 mostly DIY drone.
So, theoretically, it should be easier to integrate 3rd-party hardware such as Reach and Sequoia.

I was thinking Matrice 600, sorry didnt catch that in the initial question. Do you guys have any experience with those (M600)?

Hi @darellon ,

Unfortunately, we don’t have DJI M600 experience.
Would appreciate if you share your experience in Project share section while building the drone.
It’ll be really helpful for other users.