REACH M+ and DJI MAVIC 2 PRO integration for RTK /PPK precision survey

Yes, but that is only true for a PPK solution, where you can determine the lag between camera-trigger and position.
You can test with almost any GNSS solution, also our reach units. Move your rover rod, and observe how much lag there actually is between the movement, and this being reflected in Reachview.

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Buen día me Gustaría que alguien me explicara sobre la instalación del dispositivo M+ en el drone y en el gps, y que dispositivo debo adquirir pars que nuestro mavic 2 funcione con el Rs+, me refiero a la instalación y armada


I like the idea of PPK drone but I think that GCP’s is needed anyway.
I use a standard Phantom 4 and I get very good results following the rules:

  1. Fly altitude 30-60m (with P4A/Pro I could use up to 120m altitude)
  2. Fly double grid mission if possible for better vertical results. Overlap minimum 75-75 and usually 80-80.
  3. Layout GCP’s inside the perimeter of the project and in the middle, usually 8-10 GCP’s.
  4. Measure the GCP’s with RTK GNSS. Base-rover solution is preferred because of tighter vertical results. Network rovers produce less accurate vertical results.
    PPK with less GCP’s is the best solution right now I think.

How does your GCP network scale? 10acrEs vs 100 and etc? I use:

4 on 10ac, 5 on 25, 6 on 50, 8 on 100-500 acres. Of course all of these are subject to change with the shape of the site. Sometimes more sometimes less. For those of you who breeze through posts, THIS IS WITH PPK. Without would be close to double that.

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I agree.

To be able to perform a topographic survey with only 15 minutes of flight would be a dream.

We will probably get there … it will probably be possible one day (and at low cost) … but at the moment, as much as I hate them, GCPs are fundamental …

I usually place a GCP every 50-70m but it depends on the relief also.
Oh I forgot the most important thing, I use MapPilot with terrain awareness feature. My region is not flat so the terrain following is very important for me.
If the modification of the Phantom 4 was easy I would be happy to make some PPK tests but for me is a no go right now.

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This is what you need.

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Tinab, about when do you expect the upgrade kit to be available?

Unfortunately this works only for P4 Pro/Adv.
I own P4 standard…

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