Reach M+ and Custom Camera on DJI M600

I’m using the Reach M+ on my DJI M600 with a Camera mounted on the Ronin MX Gimbal

I also use the Hotshoe to sync the Reach M+.

My question is the use of Gimbal angles from the Ronin Mx and the like… Currently the only in port is the HotShoe into the M+… should I be importing/syncing the Gimbal angles as well through another in-port?

I would have thought having Gimbal angles would have assisted with the Photogrammetry processing, and also scanning of buildings etc in order to generate point clouds.

Hi Peter,

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Reach M+ doesn’t support the gimbal angles import, so it’s not possible to output the data from the gimbal to another Reach M+ port.

Reach M+ can record time-stamps of the photo taken using the Time mark pin. To implement the setup you described, Reach M+ should record the time-stamps of IMU data also, which is not supported by the firmware.

In general, Reach M+ allows obtaining precise coordinates of the photos that ensure good results for Photogrammetry tasks.

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