Reach M+ and Canon s100 for time marks

I want to perform PPK. Connect Reach M + to a Canon S100 camera, using the Canon Precision Geotagging Cable (tuffwing) and perform the initial setup for Wifi, select GPS at 14 Hz and do not modify another parameter of the initial range setting.

Make a test with a series of captures with the camera and devices in hand. Not flying.
In Logg download, the .ubx file and I did the postprocessing. In the data transformation to RINEX I only extract two files: .obs and .nav. This is because I don’t have a base.

Reach view sample that camera marks were generated.

The first problem is that I don’t take too many photos, although we do the capture around a rectangular area I don’t identify the points of Photo or camera time stamps.

The second problem is that it is a record of camera time stamps. It’s the first time we use Reach, they could target and get a timestamp even once or the problem is in the cable you use or I have a configuration error of the scope

I await your comments.

The next step is post-processing with RTKPOST, once that is done, then you will have .POS position file and also an Events position file.

yes, I did the post-processing with RTKPOST and got this:

one time mark.

Someone, to use Canon Precision geotagging cable how a solution for time marks in reach?

Hi Maria,

Please share your hardware setup (We need to see how your camera is connected to Reach).

Also, please make sure that Reach has at least Single solution status when you are collecting timestamps

I´m using the Canon Precision Geotagging Cable (tuffwing) for the captured the light the flash the led in a camera canon s100.

The geotagging cable had 3 pin out, I connect the positive out to pin 2 and pin 5 cables (“time mark1” and “5V” respectively) of the connector JST- GH for port C1 in reach, the pin 3 and 4 connected to negative out, finally the antenna.

The status in reach view it’s single, sometimes the signal reception it shows low.

how I can recognize when reach is collecting timestamps?
only I can view the network led to blink and sometimes the stat led when start reach.

After setting up the hardware part, I’d recommend providing the antenna with a clear sky view so Reach can see more than 4 green satellites (like on your screenshot).

To check if the device is making timestamps, you can go to the Camera control tab and push the shutter button.
Every time you push the button, Last time mark in Camera events window should change.

Hi Andrew, thanks for replay.
If the last time mark not change, it is interpreted as cable failure?
well if there are changes, but they are not registered as you indicate.

In the last test only save two camera events, so could it be that some configuration in reach to register this wrong?

Correct. Please check the wiring, make sure you hot shoe cable is okay

Hello, I don´t use hot shoe cable. I have been using the Canon Precision Geotagging Cable (tuffwing) for the captured the light the led in a camera. I connected the cable directly to the C1 connector in reach.
Some times reach registred time marks but not registred every time that push the shutter button.

It is correct to use this cable and connect directly to reach without going through the autopilot?

Can you to make a test only with GND and Time Mark pin connected?

Yes, that’s right.

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