Reach logging - how to set format?

I’m confused: Previously the solution logging claimed to be in ERB format but was actually NMEA but with the wrong extension. Since reflashing due to the “red LED on” bug I’m getting a different format - not ERB, not NMEA.

Wasn’t there a new feature that was to allow us to change the formats? I can’t find it anywhere.

(and while talking about logging, how come the raw UBX logging files don’t work for me in U-Centre? Surely they should?)



Edit: Sorry forgot to ask, are you running reach beta version?
Reach raw log pr version is in .ubx.
You can log processed output solution in erb, nmea etc by selecting the format in the dropdown menu under logging.

Yes, am running beta v2.1.6. Wasn’t planning on post processing, but guess I could open RTKConv and do it from there.

(Odd that raw UBX isn’t liked by u-blox u-centre - might be an issue with u-centre of course)

@fraser There is a bug with solution format select, we are working on it :slight_smile:

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