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Good afternoon,

I have recently updated to the reach view 3 app and I keep getting the following message when I try and connect to the reach rover or base, image below. I also have problems with part of the app screen being blocked out and some of the words cut as you can also see from the images. The survey screen has almost a third of the screen missing vertically. Any advice would be great.

Hi @greencurvesdesign!

You need to update your receiver’s firmware to use the new version. Currently, the stable version is at #27. At Emlid Docs, the version available for download today is 26.4.

I recommend performing the reflashing procedure, due to a very big difference between the versions in use.

Are you using some sort of zoom mode on your mobile device?

Hello Pedro,

Okay, I will try this and let you know.


hello Christian,

Not that I know of, I do not get this issue anywhere else but I will investigate.

Hello Pedro,

I have done what you recommended and everything is now working perfectly. I even got my full display screen back. I appreciate your time, thanks.


Hi guys,

I see Pedro determined the root of the issue correctly, and it was resolved. Just some comments for the future from my side.

Even if there is a big difference between firmware versions, you can just update the device via ReachView 3. No need to reflash.

In case you still need to reflash the device (for example, we asked you to do that), the Flasher will download the latest firmware version itself.

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Good to know,

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