Reach integration with echosounder/sonar

Has anyone integrated a Reach RS with an echosounder?

I have two echosounders in mind; Sonarmite and Echologger
Both of these can output water depth as ASCII or NMEA

What are the options for use in conjunction with Reach RS. I want to merge the depth with positional data real time to an output format suitable for HYPAC software.

Can these systems accept NMEA GPS coordinates over RS232? I know that some users perform bathymetry with Reach RS, but not sure about the exact config that they had.

Thanks Igor. I think the configuration depends on the surveying/hydrography software used. I did see a custom driver for Trimble software to accept input from the sonarmite unit.

No pb for Hypack to accept NMEA from both Reach and Echosounders. This is very standard set-up.

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