Reach integration in Ground station


Just got a pair of reach units for integration with pixhawk for mapping.

I understand the instructions for integration into the drone.

With respect to integration to the ground station how is this achieved? Are there instructions of connecting the reach to the GCS? Do we need to have another pixhawk for the ground station ? or is there another way?

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I think this is all covered here.

Beat me to it :slight_smile:

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Many thanks!

I saw the base configuration.

I suppose the question is, I need to have the base reach connected to a modem, to get the corrections, but I if I do that I won’t be able to also get the telemetry data into mission planner as I am already using the serial post on the radio.

so I should have asked, what is the hardware configuration for the base station to work with mission planner?


@raptoruas the same radio is used for both telemetry and corrections. GNSS correction data is read by Mission Planner from Reach (it can be connected to the laptop over Wi-Fi or USB) and then injected into the telemetry stream. Then Pixhawk\Navio receive the telemetry stream and transfer the injected GNSS correction data to the Reach module connected over UART.