Reach hotshoe Iris+ integration

Hey guys, first things first; I’m Pablo from Mexico, I’m a civil engineer :grinning: (not that it matters but i just want to point that i am really into surveying and photogrammetry) my Reach kit just arrived a couple of weeks ago but since the UBEC didn’t arrive until yesterday i haven’t been able to integrate it to my drone to see how it actually works. I’m a fan of this forum from a while ago. I have read some posts that have been really helpful in order to choose the hardware i was looking to achive some photogrammetry orthophotos. Been said all, thank you guys in advance for your help!.

  1. Firmware image and ReachView version. ReachView 5.0

I know this isn’t a drone forum but i know there are some very experienced guys on the subject, i’m sorry if this doesn’t belong here but i’m kind of stressed over this situation i hope you guys can help me. I have just finished integrating everything i thought i needed to complete my ppk iris+ i bought a impconcepts monture, a tuffwing hotshoe cable, an A6000, a UBEC and of course a Emlid Reach. But the problem it’s actually confuse, i used to fly my iris+ on loiter or standard mode, but now every time i intent to start the drone with the left joystick as usual i recibe a tone from the pixhawk that doesn’t allow me to start the engines. I have even unplugged the UBEC and make pixhawk run (Iike from factory) and it just keep making that awful noise.

Here some pictures in order to show you guys my hardware integration:

Also. I know it’s been said a thousand times over the forum but i kind of know this are the correct settings for ppk ¿on both reach units used as rovers?

Positioning mode: static
Used positioning system: gps (14 hz)
Dynamics model: off
ublox configuration file: GPS_GLONASS_5Hz
Input source for base corrections: off
Solution 1 output path: file
Solution 1 output format: llh
Solution 2 output path: off
Raw data log for onboard receiver: file
Raw data log for base corrections: off
Base antenna coordinates: rtcm
GLONASS integer ambiguity resolution mode: off

The thing is with the new reachview i can’t seem to figure it out where every one of this options are and if i’m correct.

Sorry for my english. And thank you for everything.


An a6000 + reach on iris+ ! Curious about flight time you could obtain with that setup but seems overweight !

You put reach above internal GPS. It should be an issue for navigation. I will never fly with this configuration. You will obstruct internal GPS signal.

Watch GPS location on this picture : the green one (from iris, iris+ will have a thin copper foil on it) :

sorry man, haven’t wrote back because i waited until i flew the iris+ with the a6000, but i totally thank you for your kind answear!

i relocated the gps antenna of the reach and it worked ok!, i flew it without the camera and does the mission ok, but it is overweight, i thought a6000 was lighter, i don’t know what to do!, i have heard of a propeller that work better on those rotor motors, do you know a way to make it more lighter? i’ve heard loosing the lights of the drone and meaby i could modify a6000 without the lcd or something but doesn’t seems good, a6000 currently weighing 450 gr lens weight over 90gr, don’t know of a e mount lighter ones.
:pensive: can’t be more stressed over this situation, but i can’t seemed to do anything about it hope you can help me!

thank you in advance
sorry about the english.

Overweight yes ! 3S setup for a6000 is too weak … I saw diy mod to iris from 3S to 4S
May be you have to change drone or camera.

I have an Iris, 10 min flight with Sony RX100.