Reach - guide to fix

Hello everybody!

I see there are many rtk experts in this community but also many newbies like me. I read throw many rtk documents last weeks - but many of them are very special to experts only.

My idea is to provide 2 setups for newbies - one with 3dr and one with wlan with tcpserver and client.
Including .conf files for this (kinematic setup with gps/glonass and best settings).

Maybe someone can explain with easy words what’s happening when I press start and save till I get fix Solution.

And also for the most important settings in easy words.

Dynamic on/off
1/5/10 hz
Why use GPS or GPS/glonass why active sbas.?

Earth tiles corrections

I think a how to up and a guide will save many support…



I agree! I think there needs to be several easy to get running guides on setting up RTK with GPS, which I use all the time, and GPS+GLONASS, so far have not gotten to work.

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I agree needs to be some better guides for setup.


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Yes, more documentation would be great, but right now I give the code a much higher degree of importance than the documentation.

We get our default settings with ReachView and they should work under good conditions. When the conditions aren’t favourable, so many variables are in play, and it is hard to know what is going on and what to do about it without getting inside Tomoji Takasu’s head. RTK GNSS is a deep subject and bringing it to such a high level as we expect of ReachView is not an easy task.

So, for now, we stumble along, read the docs1, 2 and write our own guides.

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Yes I agree they are pretty busy bringing it along and there is lots of good help here. I just find it a bit confusing because it gets spread over several comments some time and is hard to follow with out reading them all again.


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Thanks for the help all.
I tried the rfd900+ radios today did not get them talking to each other.
So i updated them to the current firmware version as they were several versions back.
Will try again tomorrow with them.
Took a couple of photos of the hook up.


Thanks @bide! We are working days and nights on a completely new ReachView that will make configuration very simple. Improvements in docs will follow right after the release.


That sounds excellent Ivereninov.


How about this - is there a way to tell why you’re not able to get and stay in a fixed mode? I can quickly get to float, with some brief switches to fix.

I believe I’m getting 5 satellites above 45 dB.

I’m not sure if I should work on a better antenna, better base location, variations of the config file (GPS, 1 Hz, 5 Hz, 14 Hz, GPS+GLONASS, …), or learning about RTKLIB settings (which ain’t easy!).