REACH Galaxy s7 centimeter accuracy


I am wonder how this work

I have Samsung Galaxy s7 and I was thinking buy one REACH to get centimeter accuracy
Have anyone try this leave the REACH in your car and walk round with your mobile and collect Point with your mobile do you get centimeter accuracy

  1. do REACH need to collect data for how long time ? Before you can get centimeter accuracy
  2. I have RTK service I can connect to do REACH connect to the service or the Mobile


Hi @sigster! There’s no point in walking with the mobile around the car, because reception of the signal happens in a GNSS antenna connected to Reach and coordinates are calculated for the antenna position. Then, Reach can output these calculated coordinates to your mobile using BT.

Can I use mock GPS location in my mobile and connect to REACH
or do I misunderstand this :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s correct. Coordinates on you mobile will be replaced with the ones provided by Reach.


Tell me what is next step if I order to morrow if I want to collect Point on field with Reach and my Mobile / Galaxy 7
with centimeter accuracy I need to move the Reach with me ?

do you have battery pack for Reach :slight_smile:

You can check our docs for Reach to get the grasp of how to work with it.
We don’t sell battery packs, but you can use almost any power bank with USB output.