Reach & Flow Training?


I am very new to GNSS/RTK technology, and very excited to get started.

I am an estimator for an artificial turf company. In our busy season, I quote 2-6 homeowners per day.
My main objective while at the quote is to gather as much information about their yard as possible assuming that we will be awarded the project. I put all the information into a cloud drive where our office, and installation crews will be able to easily see all relevant information, and be able complete the project without having to talk to me.
I take a lot of pictures, video, and text information.
The measurements of the yard have always been our weak point. And this is why we have decided to step up our game with EMLID.

I am hoping there may be someone, somewhere, that can provide some basic/ongoing training for the FLOW/FLOW360 in order for me to get started, and answer any questions I may have as I get more familiar with the system.

Thank you!

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Hi Brad,

We have a range of videos on our youtube channel for beginners that can help you get started: feel free to reach out to us directly at We now support all US Emlid customers.

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Thank you! I have been watching almost all of your Youtube videos. They are great!

If I have specific questions regarding something, I will shoot you and email.

I am in Canada :slight_smile:


Thanks Brad! Hopefully you don’t have to much trouble with your Emlid gear, but if you do we’ll talk then!

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Is that same offer good for my broken E38 Vivid Android Tablet that I bought from joe?

Yes, we’ll offer technical support to all Emlid customers and of course we’ll also support our own customers with other equipment. I’m not sure what we can do if the piece of equipment is broken, but feel free to message me directly so I can look into your order information to see what we can do.

Hi Brad,

Welcome to our community!

We design our products to be easy to use. Therefore, usually, no training is required. To help you with setting up your receiver, we have our docs and our YouTube channel. If you still have any questions, you can contact us at

Regarding local training, you may contact our dealers to see if they have this option.


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