Reach Firmware 27 Beta 2 is out for all devices

Hello everyone!

We are grateful for your feedback, activity, and reports on the previous big release – Reach Firmware 26 and want to present a new Reach Firmware 27 Beta 1 update!
We’ve improved stability, made the user interface more responsive, and implemented some valuable features.

Here is the list of changes:


  • Support M2M authentication for SIM cards. It allows using SIM cards with private APNs with authentication by password and username.

  • Remove 3 Hz RTK update rate for RS2 and M2
  • Add support of 1230 RTCM3 message for RS2 and M2 for the Corrections Output, which improves RTK quality with GLONASS enabled
  • Add an option This log is for OPUS in the RINEX log settings to improve compatibility with OPUS
  • Add LoRa constraints for Israel
  • Change log filenames format so they are supported by OPUS
  • Add reference station ID to NMEA GGA message


  • Fix broken RTCM3 settings on Reach Module
  • Fix some cases with sudden Mobile Data turning off
  • Fix an issue when RS2 doesn’t enter Firmware mode in some cases

This release is available for all devices.


That looks pretty dang awesome!

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Works perfectly. I’m using a twilio super sim in the states for pennies! One tip if someone is having issues, you need to enable data roaming and it should start right up.


Hi Seth,

Thanks for your feedback and a tip! We’ll think how we can add this info to our docs :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to present the Reach Firmware 27 Beta 2! This version contains all changes from the Reach Firmware 26.3 and a few new features and fixes!


  • Option to upgrade Reach Firmware via mobile data for Reach RS2. To unlock this option, need to select the “Allow updates using mobile data” toggle in the Mobile data tab. If the receiver is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the update will be downloaded via Wi-Fi regardless of this setting
  • Add a banner with ReachView 3 links to App Store/Play Market
  • Add validation for the marker_name field in the raw log RINEX settings


  • Fix undefined progress at the Updater panel after refreshing the page during firmware upgrading
  • Fixed SIM cards PIN unlock on Reach RS2 (this bug was introduced in 27 Beta 1)
  • Improve stability of GSM connection

Hi Dmitry, Just downloaded the beta 2 and about to start an OPUS recording session. What does the option “This log is for OPUS” actually do? Are there any specifics you can provide? Thanks.

Hi Raj,

We’ve conducted global research to make our RINEX files work better in OPUS. This option is the result of our own testing as well as an analysis of our users’ data. Once you choose this option to supply the data to OPUS, the log’s time is interpolated to an integer.

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