Reach Firmware 26 Beta 2 is out for all devices

I don’t know if something changed on the emlid caster but today everything was working fine with the hemisphere rover with the standard MSM4 messages of the M2. It fixed right away in 2 different sites.
I had enabled all the MSM4 messages plus 1006 and the rover did read the corrections immediately.
With the legacy messages I was not so lucky.
The legacy messages didn’t work with either rover (novatel or hemisphere). The hemisphere rover couldn’t read the corrections at all and stayed single and the novatel rover stayed float all the time.
As fas as the novatel rover is concerned I don’t need the legacy messages anymore because I don’t plan to use it as a rover (it would be nice though if it could work). I will use this receiver as base station in pair with the hemisphere receiver.
As far as the hemisphere rover in pair with emlid m2 this is something i want to use in my workflow because of the full gnss support. Fingers crossed I will check it some more times and will report back.
I attach two logs for you to check if everything is ok. One is the novatel base log and the other is the emlid m2 log. In both cases I was using the hemisphere rover successfully.

base_epoch.log (162.3 KB) base_M2.log (154.5 KB)