Reach File Types

Thinking of starting to replace some company equipment. To work with our existing hardware and software. Right now we start with SVY, CTL and NEZ file types. Does the reach software also create these files?

Sorry I can’t find any documents to confirm or deny this.

Hi Darren,

ReachView Survey tool allows exporting projects with collected points in CSV, DXF, GeoJSON, or Shapefiles format. To import points for stakeout into ReachView, you can upload files in CSV, DXF or GeoJSON data. Check out the stakeout templates here.

Also, Reach RS2 can log raw data in industry-standard RINEX, position data in NMEA and plain text format (LLH, XYZ, ENU), base corrections in RTCM.

As far as I know, SVY and NEZ file are just a text file with X, Y and Z columns, with potential additional columns for point codes, descriptions, and so on. So basically they are CSV files.

I’m sure you could take the outputs from a Reach and transform them to your formats, but the problem might lie in what fields are included in the file. We can’t add custom columns in the survey part of the app.

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