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Am I reading the SPARSE docs/forums correctly to understand the miniUSB on the REACH-edison board doesn’t support serial natively like other Edison boards but is only for flashing/power?

So I need a USB-UART (eg CP2102) converter to get in via serial?


I am not sure if your question is only related to the Edison part of the REACH board, however you should be able to connect the REACH microUSB port directly to a USB port on a PC and get GPS data (in addition for flashing/power), or you can use the OTG wire to connect the REACH’s microUSB port to peripherals (e.g., wireless transmitter or receiver).

You would need a UART-to-USB (e.g., CP2102) or UART-to RS-232 adapter, if you want to connect the REACH’s UART port to a PC, otherwise you would connect the UART port to peripherals as long as they are 3.3 volt (I think, the pins can withstand 5 volts). I don’t know if I really answered your question but the “Intel Edison Board Configuration Tool” software recognizes the board when REACH’s microUSB is connected to a USB port on a PC.

Thanks, that’s exactly the clarification I needed so