Reach Dual Solution Output: Pixhawk & USB, possible?

I’ve built a pixhawk powered unmanned boat which is equipped with a Windows running computer, a USB echologger sonar unit and I have some reach modules. I would like to interface the pixhawk and reach per the documentation on this site sending the corrections over telemetry - but also connect the computer to the reach so it can read the corrected solution in a NMEA stream. I known the pixhawk uses the serial port - so is there any way add dual solution outputs on this? The computer software accepts GPS input as a COM port with NMEA sentances, so in theory I could use Bluetooth, USB, or a USB to Serial adapter.

Any input is appreciated!

Nevermind… I found out how to the dual outputs by just selection solution 1 and solution 2.

I’ve connected it to Pixhawk, which occupies Solution 1.

For Solution 2, I’ve selected Bluetooth and NMEA output.

However, the software I use requires a COM port to recieve the NMEA data. It appears the reach does not register as a COM device. Does anyone have any input?


Bluetooth COM port on Windows is only supported from ReachView2, but at the moment ReachVIew2 only offers one solution output. Are you using Pixhawk with Mission Planner? MP can generate an NMEA stream from the telemetry.

I’m attempting to output over Serial to pixhawk, and USB OTG to a usb-serial converter to an arduino mega. Is there anything I need to do in Reach settings to get this working? I’m currently using reachview 0.4.9, reach version 1.2.

I have set output 1 to UART Serial at 57600 Baud, NMEA format. Do I need to set output 2 to anything? Is there an option in advanced settings to enable USB serial?


If the usb-serial was detected it would be shown as one of the output options. Likely your usb-serial is not supported. What kind of adapter are you using?

That’s good to know, thanks. I’ve linked the product listing below, its based on the FT232 chip. I’m using the usb otg cable that came with the reach, a mini usb cable to plug into the serial converter, and then leads to plug ground, tx and rx to the mega (5v pin on adapter not connected, but my understanding of usb otg says it shouldn’t matter). Power is provided to the reach during testing from the arduino to the df13 connector. And the serial adapter logic is in 5V mode, appropriate for the mega.

As an aside, I am successful in passing corrections over mavlink through missionplanner! It’s so awesome.

I found a different USB to Serial device, (BTE13-007) an it works perfectly. Not sure why my other one didn’t work, Duinotech from Jaycar is normally a safe choice.

Hi @Fenrir ,
Did you sucess to output over serial to Pixhawk, AND usb to a usb-serial converter to an arduino at the same time?
Apparently it is not possible to do two outputs in current 2.3 firmware, but i’ve found this thread and you seem to have do it…

Thanks for information!

I believe I did, using Reachview 0.4.9, Reach version 1.2. I think the upgrade to newer firmware prevents 2 outputs at once, for whatever reason. Whether or not they are going to re-instate 2 outputs in the new firmware, I’m not sure.

I didn’t get much of a chance to test it unfortunately…

Ok that’s what i expected, you do it with the 1.2 firmware. Now it isn’t available in 2.x firmware but Emlid team member told me that it is on the road map (no information about timeline). Thanks for your reply.

Saddly i can’t get the 1.2 firmware running on my Reach, so i think i will have to convert ERB format into XYZ to feed my arduino program. Laborious process…

Good Morning,

We have updated to the new version of Reach and the truth that we are very happy with the change.

So far for our work we have access to the RTK solution through TCP to directly obtain the Reach data in LLH format, while get out the solution via serial port to the flight controller for accurate positioning, ie we need the Reach to provide two solutions at the same time through different ports.

In the earlier version of Reach this was possible, are you planning to incorporate this functionality back into the new version?

Thank you very much.


Yes, we are going to bring it back within a month timeframe.


I am trying to update to new ReachView v2.5.0, where can I find the image file to download?

I see in the features the new functionality added, but I have not seen anything related to dual solution output, has this functionality been implemented?

Hello Raul,

If your ReachView is 2.x.x you can update in app. Just go to gear icon and click check for updates.

If you are still on 0.4.9, please reflash following this guide:

Dual solution output is not there yet, but we are working on it.

Do you have any updates on having this feature returned?

You asked at the right moment :slight_smile: It is ready and coming up in the next update.

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Haha, awesome! I guess if you had an ETA you’d have mentioned it??? Tomorrow would be excellent :laughing:

Thanks for the amazing, continual support and innovation though, it’s truly fantastic!


Thank you! It is not long usually, we like to release often. I believe it should be around next week.