Reach dropping via bluetooth

I was testing out a Reach with our geophysical software and I kept losing the rover in the program we use. You can see the points that were recorded and the actual track I took in the photo below.

The setup was the Reach’s were setup over Wifi and then connected via LoRa. I then connected the Rover to my tablet via Blueooth. No other bluetooth connections were active.

Are you losing fix or losing bluetooth connection to the reach ?

It seems to be losing bluetooth. I’d assume if I was losing fix and it went to float I’d just see points in the wrong places? In this case there’s no data.

So the position data you screenshot is from the bluetooth datacollector ?

Yes. I was watching while walking and it’d lose the satellite connection on the app for a few seconds.

Can you repeat the test and log the position on the reach unit as well?

Hi Brian,

This is interesting. What sensor do you use and how its software is called?

So I re-ran it and got the same issue.

  1. We’re using an RS as a base and an RS+ as the rover.

  2. The sensor we’re using is a Geonics EM-38 (used to measure soil conductivity). We’re using their app to collect our data (including GPS locations).

  3. The EM-38 is connected to the tablet via serial cable. The RS+ Rover is connected to the tablet via bluetooth output in NMEA. The tablet, EM-38, and rover are all carried together.

  4. In retest, the connection again regularly dropped between the app and the rover. When the GPS connection drops in the EM-38 app there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual going on in Reachview. I now don’t think its bluetooth (but could be wrong) because the Rover lost connection in similar locations.

  5. The drop often happened in similar situations: where the rover was near a building (but beside the tablet and in line of sight of the base).

  6. It also struggled to get a fix and was often on float. But this did not coincide with the dropping in the EM-38 app.

  7. I also tried other bluetooth output formats in Reachview (eg. LLH, XYZ, etc.) but the EM-38 app could only read NMEA.

I’ve attached two images. The first is of the actual app itself while running. In this case it was connected - although the number of satellite connections it shows in the app and in Reachview for the rover are slightly different.

The second image is of the post-processing software for the EM-38. I don’t think any of that is relevant, but I include it in case somehow how it handles GPS is part of the issue? I’ve used both the Juniper Systems Geode and Hemisphere GNSS without issues so it can handle incoming GPS data.

Requesting a screenshot of ‘RTK Settings’ tab on the rover please.

Also, which ReachView version?



I’d also ask you to try pairing original RS unit with your tablet. It will help us to understand whether this issue relates to particular Reach RS+ unit.

I’ll add the RTK settings shortly.

@dmitriy.ershov When you say pairing, do you mean using the original RS as a rover or simply pairing it via WiFI or bluetooth? The original RS was able to connect to the tablet via WiFi hotspot and via bluetooth (although I then removed those connections once it was setup over LoRa as I used it as the base).

Rtk attached

RTK tab looks fine. Thanks.

Hi Brian,

Could you please also check if Reach loses the “Connected” status in BT tab while this occurs? Just to make sure whether it’s BT issue or not.

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