Reach drivers for Raspberry Pi

Hey folks,

I have question regarding integrating the Reach module to Raspberry Pi, similarily as Navio was integrated.

I use Qt Creator and C++, I have previously used the drivers from Emlid’s Github for establishing the communication between the Navio board’s data and Raspberry Pi, in order for using the data in a specific application that needed GPS data.

Unfortunately, I can’t find similar drivers for the new Reach RTK module? Therefore, could you please give me some advice for doing that? I thought of fetching some data from the html page, through some Javascript code, but I don’t think this is a correct approach.

Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.


If you are interested in GPS data, the easiest solution is setting solution output to a TCP server and reading it from your application.

GPS module of Reach is based on SPI, it doesn’t expose any port externally except TCP. Reach is a computer!

If you have a standalone GPS module with usb-serial port and same features(GPS and attenna) as described by Reach, you could use it directly by USB port. And you should config RTK config file to adapt the module, such as

inpstr1-type =serial # (0:off,1:serial,2:file,3:tcpsvr,4:tcpcli,7:ntripcli,8:ftp,9:http) ## Input source for

inpstr1-path =ttyMFD1:230400:8:n:1:off #it could be changed to ttyUSB0:230400:8:n:1:off

It actually uses UART, hence the baud rate setting.

TCP is easiest for in-device communication, USB and serial options are more for integration.

Hey guys,

Thank you for your answers. I will then use the Rover as a tcpserver that outpust data on a port to which I listen in my program.

I would make sense to get data from the rover, to see its position, but will it make sense to send desired GPS positions to it, or should I connect somehow to the base for doing that?

I’m not sure what you mean by this. The solution output gives access to already processed coordinates, meaning base corrections have already been applied, if available.

Thanks for the answer.
Indeed you are right, there is no need to correct the base. It was a silly question. I wanted to compare the results of the base with my results, obtained from a different GPS board, but , for sure, this is not the right way. Thank you again.