Reach: Download Logs via Bluetooth


Wondering if there is a way to actually download files stored on reach via Bluetooth? Reason being is that I don’t always have access to a WiFi Hotspot, but would like to download raw ephemeris logs from the Reach units. Maybe this is in the works? I’ve read everything here but this only describes how to view the solution via bluetooth.


What do you mean by not having access to the Wi-Fi hotspot? Is the range that different?
At the moment we don’t plan on adding this in the near future.

I mean, without having to use a WiFi hotspot device or a cellphone, I would like to make someone able to bluetooth their laptop to the unit and download the logs. This makes it easier for someone not as tech savvy as myself to obtain the logs and send them to me.

What is wrong with using Reach’s own hotspot? You can just connect to it with a laptop

I’ve always had a phone hotspot, the Reach boots and connects to it, then my laptop boots and I connect to the same hotspot and access Reach via IP address. Is there a different way to connect to it? Where are the settings to do that?

If Reach doesn’t see a familiar network during boot, it will create it’s own.

Wow, just noticing that now :(. OK downloads much easier now, thanks for the help! Now if I can only get out of this stuck boot issue (see other post in Reach forum).