Reach doesn't broadcast its hotspot


Was this issue solved? I am experiencing the same issue

Hi Dean,

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Let’s specify some essential points before we make a conclusion.

When did the device start to behave that way? Did something specific happen before? Is it a brand new device?

Is it possible to turn on the device? If so, what is the LED status? Please send us a photo of the front panel. If the Wi-Fi LED doesn’t blink, can you see Reach’s hotspot in the list of available Wi-Fi networks?

As the further troubleshooting may require sensitive data, feel free to contact us via


The unit is about a year old. I think my colleague updated the unit and it may have got corrupted during the update.

The unit will power on and transmit a WIFI signal but the blue WIFI LED would not flash. I could connect through my mobile to the WIFI but the rover would not appear on the app.

I flashed the rover and this has seemed to have resolved the issue


I’m glad that this issue was resolved through reflashing. It may help in some cases, so it would’ve been the next troubleshooting step.

However, we need to track cases like that, particularly with strange behavior. Would you mind sharing with us the Full system report from the device? You can do it via since there can be sensitive data.

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