Reach directly to network switch ethernet port?


We have cases in which we need to connect Reach directly to the ethernet port. I am having huge problems to do that. Have been able to see the virtual ethernet-connection in Windows 10 when connecting with USB-cable, but that just is not enought. So the setup would be:
Reach -> usb-otg-cable -> usb-ethernet-adapter -> network switch (different IP space than Reach should be available through the network as a TCP server. in One network we are actually having 7 reach-modules.

Does anyone have any ideas about the approach? I have read some previous posts about somewhat similar problems but didn´t come any smarter.

Hoping for quick replies as we are in great hurry!

Pekka Silen

Have you tried this and then have a device between reach and the network cable?

Doesn´t too any good. I can connect Reach to PC with usb-virtual ethernet and get it work like an ethernet connection towards reach. But what I can´t do, is to get Reach to connect LAN via ethernet.
Reach act as an ethernet adapter FOR MY PC. I would need Reach to use it´s ethernet capabilities to communicate to LAN.

You need to make brigde connection between the reach network adapter and the lan network adapter you have under network settings in windows.
I think there was i discussion whether connecting reach directly to Lan is ok or not.

That would be good idea if i had any computers in the machine that the reach is supposed to be :slight_smile:
Thing is, that the wireless network is running @ 60Ghz. 2.4G is not an option. Only thing that seems reasonable would be to connect reach directly to the network switch right next to it. Why is it so damn hard to do? :slight_smile:

You can use USB-OTG cable and plug a USB to Ethernet adapter into it. That should do it. Note that you will need to supply power through one of the DF13 connectors.


My bad. Thought you were going through a computer. But Igor :point_up:️ posted a solution that works :blush:

Did the trick! Cheers!

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