Reach data logging for post processing

Hi Guys

I have an application where by i have an under slung load on a helicopter, I was hoping to use one reach module on the load and one one the ground, and then log the raw data on both and post process in order to get the results. Ie position of load, I could not find any info on the amount of raw data that can be logged to file on the module? Plus would it be possible to to record the IMU data in the same raw files for a 2nd portion of my application?

On Average i am looking at recording approx 2Hrs of data at the highest possible data rate.


There is about 1Gb available for logs, 2 Hrs of data is definitely less. IMU logging is not yet implemented, but will be added in the future.

The only concern I have about your application is whether the heli above the antenna would block the skyview or not. This should be tested.