Reach, connecting to USB web dongle


i have aproblem.
I use a reach with the last firmware update but the Reach do not connect to my Huawei 3372 Hi-Link Stick. The stick is suitably configured, if i put him into my pc, he is immideatly connected to the internet.
Is the stick connekted to my reach… the stick is online, show a steady lamp and it is possible to ping over the intel edison. But the reach software get no connection to all my basis and show no map in the status page.

thanks for your reply.


the next phenomenon,
on my 2nd reach module works without problems with the Huawei 3372 hi-link dongle.


Sorry for the long wait. Have you been able to make the first Reach work as well? A small note: the maps use your device’s connection, not the one on Reach.

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