Reach compatibility

Reach bluetooth output option is not compatible with my samsung galaxy s5. Can anyone suggest/recommend an android device which supports the bluetooth output and can run applications like mobile topographer or bluetooth gps etc

It work with mine s5 earlier, but with previous firmware on phone and reachview.
What versions do you have?

Havent test bt on mine resently

Reachview 4.3
Android version 6.0 .1 (galaxy s5)

Did a test indoor today and it still works.
Reachview 0.4.7v
Reach image 1.2v

I see your version above i 0.4.3v Try update and see if it works

See the belowe images.

Thankyou very much for those slides i will try update and cross my fingers

If you think that Bluetooth of Samsung S is not getting compatible with third party device then the one of the best method to make it compatible is upgrading the firmware version or simple install android update in your device. To do so do according to below given instructions:

  • Touch Icon Settings.

  • Scroll down to locate and touch About device.

  • Scroll to the bottom and look for Baseband Version.

  • It should be FL24 before updating. It will be GB27 after the update

  • This update is available through a FOTA upgrade over your operator’s network or through a computer (Windows or Mac) using the Samsung Kies software application.
    For upgrade instructions check Samsung S5 Manual.