Reach compatibility with Topcon

Fond out about Navio and Reach 2 days ago, so I’m kind of New to all this.

Just wonder. Is it possible to use a Reach base station for Rtk with av Topcon system, or are they not compatible at all ?

Kind regards


Reach base outputs RTCM3 corrections which is an industry standard format. Is can as well accept RTCM3 corrections from a different RTK receiver.

Thanks a lot for the information Igor.

Hi… Did you try to use reach as a base station to topcon steering system??? On a tractor for example…
I want to know how did you do it…


No I havent done it yet, been to hectic with other stuff, but I just (right now :smile: ) thought that I really need to figure this out and get started.

I have no experience with with GPS/RTK in general on the technical level, but I wonder if it would be as simple as using the RX/TX from the Reach -> TX/RX on the Topcon serial input, set the correct baud rate…

I would really like to just buy a pair and figure this out, but on the other hand I don’t want to spend the money if it doesn’t work, and then I end up where I’m right now searching for info, thinking and not getting any progress on the project :slight_smile:

Have you done this, or got some information of how to make it work ?