REACH compatibility with PX4 Firmware

Hi All,

Is REACH compatible with PX4 Firmware (not ArduPilot ) ? if it is possible, is there any documentation for that?



No, at the moment PX4 does not support our ERB protocol.

EDIT: PX4 does, however, support NMEA input, so they should work together.

Thanks Egor,

Is there any documentation shows how to read NMEA input from Reach?


I’ll need to double check but the difference in output NMEA and ERB I think is just a drop down in ReachView.

If you look at the screen shot you’ll see “Solution 1 Output Format”, last I remember it NMEA is an option instead of ERB.

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I check that and yes NMEA is one of the options. Do you have idea how to configure REACH here to work with PX4?

this another screenshot of the configuration page needs to be modified