Reach casing

Hi there,

As we would like to deploy the reach RTK devices in the field already in August, we would like to make sure we have a sturdy casing for each devices. We ordered 8 eight items, so we’d like to look into designing and 3D-printing cases.

Our question: could you provide us with the exact dimensions of the chip and antenna, input ports, switches, and any other info that we need to know in order to 3D a fitting case?

We assume that a plastic casing does not interfere with any of the (GPS, UHF, Bluetooth) signals… have you checked?


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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for supporting our campaign. I will upload .stl files for Reach in a few days.

Plastic casing will not interfere with WiFi or BT.

Thanks. Looking forward to the .STL files!

Hi Thomas,

Here you go .

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Great we’ll look into them!

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Did you guys come up with a solution for this?

I am currently working on a mast mounted enclosure similar to typical survey units. Look for it on shapeways in a few days.


Great! Pls prod when uploaded! We can share out latest casing design as well, if you’re interested.


I am thinking about going for an everything in one case for the Radio, Power supply and Reach module that mounts on to a standard tribrach which will provide peep hole and leveling. Then a clip on mount for the tripod that holds the antenna and ground plane well above.

Hey Mayehem,

what radio will you be using? and what specs does it have in terms of range etc?


I will be using 3DR radios initially because I have them on hand. Then upgrading to RFD900s.