Reach case model E: too small

We’ve printed Reach case model E at the end of

and the Reach unit does not fit in it. It seems that the case was designed for the unit without
the plastic protector. Does any one have the STL files with the appropriate size for the unit
with the protector plastic? Or should we actually remove that protector?
Has anyone else tried this case?


Hi Agustin!
You should use Reach in case without heat-shrink tube.

Why should the tube be removed? Because overheating? I had been told not to remove it.
In case keeping the tube is just a problem of fitting in the case, I prefer making a larger case and keep the tube. In case keeping the tube in the case could cause problems, then I understand it should be removed. Could you please clarify?

You don’t need a heat-shrink tube if you’re using a case - you can safely remove it.

While I’m now going to use it within a case, I might want to use it without the case in the future.
Therefore, could you please tell me if there is any problem (in particular overheating) if I keep
the tube within a case of appropriate size?

No, there should be no problem.

Got the same issue as you. Any luck getting modifiable files rather than the .stl?


Did you remove heat-shrink tube?